We had an awesome experience our two Labradoodles

We had an awesome experience with Katie training our two Labradoodle’s, Ellie Mae & Coco. Katie was very attentive to their separate issues and what we wanted her to work on with each of them. It was hard for me to let them go for two whole weeks but Katie’s constant videos and pictures she posted of their progress helped me a lot to know that they were having fun and being taken care of. She also called to update me 2-3 times a week. Coco worked on her social anxiety around¬†other dogs and humans while Ellie Mae worked on her listening skills and being able to be off leash without running off. I can now say that we can walk both of them without a leash, and if they do have a leash on, they are not constantly pulling. Prior to this it was next to impossible for me to walk Ellie Mae because of how bad she pulled me and how strong she is. I am a much happier dog-mom as a result of this training and I am glad that I can enjoy taking her places out in public with me without it being such a constant stressful situation. I highly recommend the Jacksonville Dog Wizard to anyone looking for an awesome trainer who will treat and care for your dog just as much as you do! Thanks for all you did Katie!!!
Alex Morrison Johns