Anxiety is not just something humans get; Separation anxiety is a fairly big problem in dogs that is concerning because it cannot resolve itself. At Jacksonville Dog Wizard, we work with dogs who have separation anxiety and show you what you can do to give them the comfort they seek.

Because dogs are pack animals, they like being in a group. When one member of their group (you) leave, they become anxious and worried. For your dog to cope with this feeling, they often become destructive. Our goal is to give them the confidence they need to be okay when you are gone.

Signs of Anxiety

  • Panting when they cannot see you
  • Pacing back and forth when you are out of sight
  • Barking when left alone
  • Deserting household objects when you’re gone
  • Urinating or defecating in the house while you’re gone
  • Escaping when left alone resulting in injury

Causes of Anxiety

  • Leaving your dog alone for a long amount of time
  • Being taken away from their mother too soon (less than seven weeks old)
  • Held too much as a puppy
  • Abrupt changes in your schedule or life
  • Dog’s mother died, causing humans to raise it at birth
  • Being a rescued dog where they had no attention until now