Every dog that comes through Jacksonville Dog Wizard is special. We work with dogs that come from a variety of different backgrounds, including those that have been rescued from local shelters. One of our favorite jobs is helping rescued dogs transition into a loving, stable homes after a life that has been hard.

Dogs are resilient animals, and even though their past may be extremely dramatic, with the right help they can be re-taught habits and behavior.

Abused Dogs

No matter what your dog has been through in the past, fear and abuse can cause severe trauma in a dog’s life. But all dogs can learn to love again. Many rescue dogs are fearful, making it hard to do anything with them; as their new owner, it’s important that you bond with them and establish a connection they can trust.

Anxiety is usually the hardest skill to cope with, as your dog fears you leaving them and not coming back. Through our Jacksonville program, your dog can see what a fun and exciting place the world is once again. We love restoring faith in your pup and seeing them trust once again.

Crazy Dog

Another behavioral issue that results from an abuse or poorly socialized dog is wildness. This behavior shows a lack of self-control and generally happens in dogs that have gone from home to home because no one can handle them properly. These dogs tend to run away, destroy belongings, and drag their owners wherever they want to go.

Many times these dogs only get attention when they’re bad, but we can put a stop to this circle. With our obedience training classes, your dog will learn that good behavior is what will be rewarded allowing them to make better choices, have control, and change their behavior.