Are you looking to start your puppy’s training off on the right foot? Jacksonville Dog Wizard has you covered. With puppy preschool, your pup can learn success from a very early age. We suggest you enroll your puppy between eight and 12 weeks of age, filling their lives with as many positive experiences as possible!

Habits like chewing, digging, and anxiety can be prevented during the early stages of life. With our help, we can stop bad behavior before it’s a problem. Our classes will cover issues such a create training, play biting, housebreaking, digging, jumping, and play biting. Through each class, we will teach your puppy to socialize and interact with other dogs, while engaging in activities that will cover safety, health, obedience, commands, and games.

Preschool Requirements

Take a look at our event calendar to see what times work for you. Puppy preschool is $250 for unlimited attendance until your pup is six months old.

Vets all say different things when it comes to the right age to enroll. Check with yours to make sure your specific puppy is old enough to interact with other dogs and has their influenza and Bordetella vaccines, as well as their first round of vaccinations completed.