An obedient dog doesn’t just make life easier; with this skill, your dog will have the mental stimulation they need to be product and content throughout the day. At Jacksonville Dog Wizard, we believe that obedience training is an essential language and connection between you and your dog, making communication effective. With communication, you will feel less stressed and frustrated, and your dog will understand what you need from them.

Obedience training doesn’t mean we are changing your dog’s personality, but rather letting them feel the positive praise from their good behavior. Take your dog with your wherever you go and show them what a good dog they truly are.

All of our obedience classes are designed to establish off-leash results, where you can trust your dog to listen and not have to worry about the what if’s. With distraction training incorporated throughout the program, your dog will be well versed in learning to listen to you no matter what else may be going on. Our main goal is to enhance your relationship with your pup, enabling you to work as a team. With obedience comes freedom and trust, relying on your dog to listen to you while under your watch. Your dog can explore, but you have to know they will come back when they are told to do so. Through our program, we will show you how to incorporate obedience into your daily routine, while still providing your dog with the socialization, mental stimulation, and opportunities they need.

In-home Training

Jacksonville Dog Wizard is more than willing to train at your home, making our programs as convenient as possible for you and your dog. Sessions are done in your house and other agreed upon locations to ensure different distractions are incorporated throughout the training program.

Once this program is completed, we suggest that you take advantage of our weekly group lessons so that your dog continues to grow and develop useful learning skills. Weekly lessons are unlimited until your goals have been obtained.

Training at Our Place

Our location training includes a 14-day intensive program where your dog stays with us. This doggy summer camp will teach your dog all the basic commands and test them in a variety of different environments. This program is ideal for owners who have limited time available to work with their dogs, as well as those that require more attention.

While with us your dog will go to parks, shopping centers, and be surrounded by lots of other dogs in the facility. We focus on your dog and address any issues we see during their stay then bring them home to you and teach you what you need to know. We offer unlimited weekly lessons you can join so no problems arise after they are home with you.

Group Lessons

Whether you choose private lessons at home or in our facility, you will also receive free group obedience lessons in Jacksonville. These classes are meant as support to help reinforce what your dog has learned and continue their teachings. A list of our weekly classes are listed on our event calendar; you may come as often as you would like for the rest of your dog’s life! As our client, you are a part of our family, and we look forward to seeing you.