At The Dog Wizard, we believe every dog owner should have the luxury of taking their dog on a walk without them showing signs of aggression. If your dog is always pulling on the leash to chase squirrels, growls at other dogs nearby or exhibits other signs of aggressive behavior, our dog trainers can help. More often than not, your four-legged friend is showcasing these negative behaviors out of fear, frustration or lack of socialization. Our dog trainers understand how to recognize these signs and will work with you and your canine one-on-one to correct these poor behaviors.

dreamstime_xxl_10520627Dog Aggression Towards Other Canines & People

Does your dog growl at other dogs across the street through the window or on a walk? Do you avoid going to the dog park because your dog doesn’t know how to play kind with others? If you answered yes to either of these questions, enroll your pooch in Jacksonville Dog Wizard’s Aggression Program. While there can be several reasons behind your dog’s aggression, our certified dog trainers will help pinpoint the root of their aggressive behavior to properly retrain these negative behaviors. Fear aggression, predatory aggression and dog aggression are all very common in our canine friends. With proper training, you’ll be able to enjoy more time outdoors with your dog without having to worry about them lunging, snarling, or barking at others.

Dog Aggression Training In Jacksonville

As you may already know, socialization is very important when it comes to properly training your dog. If your dog expresses aggression towards other dogs or people, it may not be because they have an aggressive nature, it may be because they were never properly socialized. Oftentimes, dogs showcase signs of aggression because they are fearful of their situation, not because they want to intentionally harm another dog or being. A certified dog trainer will work with you and your dog to retrain these negative reactions so your dog feels more comfortable in social situations. Our dog trainers utilize the latest in canine obedience training techniques and we are dedicated to the success of your dog. Below is a chart that lists some of the most common types of aggressive behaviors in dogs that our dog trainers work with.


If you’re looking for a dependable and experienced dog aggression training program near Jacksonville, contact our dog trainers today. Whether your dog is territorial over food or toys, or reacts out of fear when people try to pet it, our dog trainers can help pinpoint the reason behind your dog’s aggressive behavior.