We’ve all seen those great YouTube videos. A little kid opens a present on Christmas morning and discovers a happy, tail-wagging puppy inside the box. The joy in the chid’s eyes brings a smile to your face (and maybe a little tear to your own eye!). You might want to bring a little of that holiday magic to your own home and consider getting a puppy for your family, too. But before you do, there are a number of things you should consider that might make you change your mind about getting a puppy during the holidays.

Why Getting a Dog at Christmas Might Not be a Good Idea for Your Family

Puppies ready in time for Christmas could have more health issues.

A lot of irresponsible breeders and puppy mills start to breed additional puppies in anticipation of a Christmas rush. Very few of these establishments care about responsible breeding, taking into account the health of the mother and father and even that of the puppies. They just want cute puppies that are ready to go by Christmas; they don’t care about the long-term well-being of the animal. You should be very careful about where you purchase a puppy, choosing instead to work with local shelters to adopt an animal in need of a home or a reputable breeder.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can interfere with training.

The holidays are a busy time of year! There are parties to go to and host at your own home, school events to attend, and plenty of shopping to be done. It’s the one time of year when your regular schedule can be totally thrown out the window for a couple weeks (if not months!). And if new dogs need one thing, it’s routine. A solid routine helps them learn the rules of the house, assists them in housetraining, and give them a sense of security. Not to mention, they’ll require a lot of your time, and you might not have much of it to give between now and the New Year. That can set a dog’s training back a long way and you might be hustling to catch up later on.

You’ll need to consider what happens when the holidays end.

Puppies are cute at Christmas (and anytime, really), but make sure you understand the work it’s going to take to raise a puppy when the holiday decorations come down. Your vacation time might come to an end, the kids will go back to school, and your puppy will be left home alone. Make sure you have a plan for how the new dog will fit into your family’s routine when the holidays are over and the long stretch of winter set in.

What to Do If You Still Want to Get a Dog During the Holidays

While the holidays can be a bad time to get a dog, the truth is there might not ever be a perfect time to bring home a puppy. They are a lot of work! If you’ve decided that your family is ready for the challenge and all the rewards of owning a dog, then talk to our dog training team in Jacksonville. We can work with your family and your pet to get the training process jumpstarted. Sign up with us now so your lessons can start right after the holidays!