When thinking about what kind of dog is the best for you, there’s a lot more to think about other than if the dog is cute and fluffy. Doing your research on particular breeds of dogs before you get one will help you out when it comes time to adopt your pup. Some common questions to ask yourself before choosing your canine friend include:

  • Do you have time for a dog?
  • What dog breeds are good with kids?
  • What are their energy levels?

Dogs are a 10- to 15-year commitment, so making sure you choose the right breed and temperament is a big deal. Take Australian Shepherds, for example. This breed of dog has become increasingly more popular thanks to the help of social media. People see photos of their amazing merle coats and say, “Oh my goodness! How cute! I want one!” They then go find a breeder (usually a backyard breeder) and get one without learning anything else about them!

Aussie’s are an amazing and a wonderful breed of dog, but they are working dogs that need a lot of exercise and structure. Our dog trainers see a lot of people have problems with aggression and socialization when they bring their Aussie home. Unfortunately, most new dog owners will not socialize their puppies properly, which can lead to separation anxiety and unwanted behaviors. Other dog owners won’t exercise their dog properly, and as a result the dog becomes frustrated and takes it out on the house or other animals.

It is very important to learn about the dog breed you want to get before just getting one. If you decide to adopt a puppy from a local shelter, the shelter may not know exactly what breed each dog is. They may say a dog is a Shepard Lab mix based off of how they look, however the actual breed can be completely different. When you bring your dog home from the shelter, consider investing in a canine DNA test to reveal the actual mix of your pup. This will give you a better understanding of your dog’s temperament and training style, which will help you tremendously when it comes time to teach your dog new commands.

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