Who makes the best dog collars?

E collars are a beautiful tool when used in the right hands. Kind of like in Star Wars, the “Force” is supposed to be used for good, but yet there are still those who use it that are on the dark side.

First thing you want to make sure is that you know what you are doing. Either find a trainer or watch some really good “how to” videos (reputable ones you will be able to tell if they know what they are doing or not). If you do not know what you are doing with an e collar, you should not be using it on your dog or anyone else’s dog. I have a huge problem in my evaluations where a lot of people will say “well where can I buy one of those?” then I have to go and explain that you can get them on the internet but do you know how to teach the dog this second language? There’s a lot more to the process than just putting the collar on the dog and saying “Come”. So that is one huge part you want to think about before you buy one of the following e collars.

The two e collars I recommend is E collar Technologies mini educator ET-300 and a few different models from Dogtra depending on weight, etc. These collars are the best in my book and many other great trainers out there. They are pretty expensive, but you get what you pay for. Exactly like training if you take your dog to a well known pet store (not naming any names but I know you know what I’m talking about) pay $150 for however many weeks, you are going to get just what you pay for. Sometimes you have to pay a little more to get the quality you and the dog deserve. So in conclusion, Dogtra and E collar Technologies are the way to go, not Amazons $80 one!

What do dog training collars do?

There is a HUGE misconception with dog training collars (e collars). Main response that I get when I ask “Do you know much about e collars?” in my evaluations is, “yeah, it’s a shock collar right?”. Answer is NO, IT’S NOT A SHOCK COLLAR. Yes, there are shock collars out there that you can buy and a lot of people do without doing any kind of research. The e collars that we use are a stimulus, kind of like you use at the doctors office called a tens unit. A tens unit stimulates your muscles, and that is exactly what it does with the e collar.

The difference is that we use it as a second language and as a reminder system. We teach them how to understand this language with pressure and release. If they feel the pressure, we teach them to change what they are doing at the time and as soon as they do, the pressure is released. One thing that I do every single time when I do an evaluation is make the owner feel the e collar. Some people are scared and think it will hurt and get really freaked out. As soon as they feel it, they are like, “Wow, that was it? That didn’t hurt at all!” That’s right, it didn’t, because why would we want to hurt the dog?

Hurting the dog isn’t going to teach them anything, it is a little uncomfortable for only a split second. Think of how many seconds there are in a day, and compare it to the split second the dog was uncomfortable solely to teach them. There are a lot of people who think dog trainers like me are evil and abuse animals. I can tell you that is the farthest thing from the truth because I love these animals with all of my heart and one thing I love even more than that is to make their lives better for the future.