I belong to a lot of Facebook yard sales where daily I see someone asking “How do I potty train my dog? Why won’t my dog pee on the potty pads? Why won’t he/she tell me when he/she has to go?”.

The earlier you get the dog the harder its going to be honestly. First things first, CRATE YOUR DOG. Crating is not mean, it’s not harsh, it’s not bad. A dogs crate should be his safe place, where he can go and get away from the world. Yes, it takes a few days to get a young puppy used to it and that’s when a lot of people give up on the crate because the dog won’t stop barking and they can’t sleep so they let the puppy come sleep with them. That’s giving that puppy exactly what he wants. KEEP ON WITH THE CRATE! Back to potty training, make sure that the puppy’s crate is the right size for him. What I like to tell my clients is to get the size crate that will fit them when they are an adult (so they don’t have to keep buying/selling crates) but make sure that it comes with a spacer. Put the spacer in and make sure the puppy can sit, turn around, and lay down. This will eliminate the puppy from being able to get away from any accidents they have done because most dogs do care about staying clean (though there are some dogs that don’t care and will woller all around in it! In that case, continue with this…..).

Feed them in the crate, forget the bowl and put the food on the bottom of the crate so they are eating from the ground they sleep on, give high value treats only in the crate. This is going to make the crate a very positive amazing place for them and they will start to not want to go to the bathroom in the crate!

Another huge thing with potty training that I tell everyone is to schedule water.  A lot of people will say “no.  Dogs need water 24/7.”  Not  necessarily. There are the dogs like a lot of toys that have to always have water because of sugar level issues. But scheduling water helps drastically.  Usually I let them have all they want in the morning after they eat and a good bit at dinner time and that’s it for the day.  Added schedule potty times as well! Of course if the puppy has been playing in the hot sun for hours, give him some water!

Another thing, potty pads, just DON’T! Potty pads are counter effective because the dogs still going to the bathroom in the house just in a designated area. Right now the dog has two bathrooms one outside and one on the potty pad somewhere in the house or just in the house, our goal is for their only bathroom to be outside. These are only a few suggestions when trying to housebreak your dog added to a few more things you can do, your puppy will be potty trained in no time!