1. Dos and Don’ts for Dog Lovers: A Holiday Gift Guide

    For those of us who love our canine companions, we are probably putting a lot of thought in holiday shopping for our favorite pooches. With so many different gift options out there, it can be difficult to find just the right gift. Not all gifts are created equal, and sometimes dog owners can be lured into buying flashy toys and treats that end up actually being harmful to our pets. Here is a quick…Read More

  2. Why You Should Rethink Getting a Puppy at Christmas

    We've all seen those great YouTube videos. A little kid opens a present on Christmas morning and discovers a happy, tail-wagging puppy inside the box. The joy in the chid's eyes brings a smile to your face (and maybe a little tear to your own eye!). You might want to bring a little of that holiday magic to your own home and consider getting a puppy for your family, too. But before you do, there ar…Read More

  3. Leashing Walking Tips for The Dog Owner

    There’s a common misconception that when you adopt a dog they will automatically know how to walk properly on a leash, however this is often not the case. Most dogs, whether they are ten years old or ten weeks old, must be taught this important skill so they can learn not to pull too far ahead or lag too far behind. If you’re struggling to teach your pooch how to walk on a leash, it’s import…Read More

  4. What Dog Is Right For You?

    When thinking about what kind of dog is the best for you, there’s a lot more to think about other than if the dog is cute and fluffy. Doing your research on particular breeds of dogs before you get one will help you out when it comes time to adopt your pup. Some common questions to ask yourself before choosing your canine friend include: Do you have time for a dog? What dog breeds are good with …Read More

  5. Potty Training Your Pup 101

    I belong to a lot of Facebook yard sales where daily I see someone asking “How do I potty train my dog? Why won't my dog pee on the potty pads? Why won't he/she tell me when he/she has to go?”. The earlier you get the dog the harder its going to be honestly. First things first, CRATE YOUR DOG. Crating is not mean, it's not harsh, it's not bad. A dogs crate should be his safe place, where he ca…Read More

  6. The Best Collar For Training Your Dog

    Who makes the best dog collars? E collars are a beautiful tool when used in the right hands. Kind of like in Star Wars, the "Force" is supposed to be used for good, but yet there are still those who use it that are on the dark side. First thing you want to make sure is that you know what you are doing. Either find a trainer or watch some really good "how to" videos (reputable ones you will be able…Read More

  7. Jacksonville Dog Wizard: Dog Training Methods Explained

    When to start basic dog training? When is the best time to start basic training? Anytime is a good time to start. The ideal time to start working with your dog would be as soon as you get them. Most puppies shouldn't leave their mothers until they are eight to ten weeks and if you get them at this age and no earlier it benefits them throughout that puppy's lifetime. Eight weeks is the earliest age…Read More