When it comes to dog training, there is a multitude of methods, styles, and philosophies people use. What ones are the best and which ones truly work? Our philosophy at Jacksonville Dog Wizard is simple: balanced techniques equal a balanced dog. For balance, communication is absolutely essential, and your relationship with your dog is based on understanding; your dog has to understand you, just as you have to understand them.

To make training possible, you must establish effective communication with your dog. Our goal is to create a happy and confident dog who understands how to communicate, improving their relationship with you as a whole.


All dogs are designed to be productive, needing a job to feel balanced. By engaging your dog mentally and physically, you can promote their behavior, channeling their energy and control into a productive balanced, and happy life. Every member of our Jacksonville Dog Wizard team is extensively trained in a variety of training techniques. We can address a variety of behavioral issues, working with each dog on an individual basis to ensure both owner and dog reach their full potential and goals.

The success of every dog is associated with the owner’s ability to work with them effectively. We believe in training you and your dog, transforming skills and upholding our commitment to your success.

The Formula for Success

Training is not just about teaching basic commands like sit and stay; instead, it is about teaching your dog how to make good choices and how to listen when impulses kick in. Of course, we do teach your dog all commands so you can effectively communicate with them, but we will also teach them how to be engaged no matter what environment they are in. Things like “come” and “stay” do you no good if your dog is distracted. We believe by showing you how to reinforce your dog’s comprehension, commands become a part of life and not just a trick they do when they feel like it.

For a dog to have a balanced life, they need both mental and physical exercise. Our recipe for success implements both of these teachings, proving effective for thousands of dogs over the years. You will be amazed what your dog can do and how happy they are. Feel confident in your dog’s ability to listen, and proud of the change in behavior you see. With better obedience comes more freedom. Start your training today.