dreamstime_xxl_42100243The Jacksonville Dog Wizard is not just here to train your dog, but rather give you an opportunity to make your life easier, and your dog’s better.

If you’ve been struggling to effectively train your four-legged friend, it’s important to know you’re not alone. We’ve helped hundreds of Jacksonville dog owners successfully train their dogs to be the well-behaved canines they’ve always wanted. Many dogs with behavioral issues end up in shelters or left to be euthanized because of obedience issues that could have easily been reversed with the proper dog training and teaching techniques. At Jacksonville Dog Wizard, our certified dog trainers believe that every dog deserves a chance to be happy and a part of a loving, loyal family. With our compassionate and professional obedience and aggression training programs, all dogs can reach their full potential through our unique and customized dog training courses. Feel empowered as their owner, and satisfied with the changes you see in your pup by enrolling in one of our dog training classes today!

Certified Dog Trainers In Jacksonville

Are you slowly losing hope with your dog’s unwanted behavior? Is your puppy chewing up everything in sight and pulling like crazy on their leash? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, it could be time to call a professional dog trainer to help remedy your dog’s negative behavior. Many dogs experience anxiety due to a variety of reasons, and our certified dog trainers can help you get to the root of the problem to properly correct it. Whether you need assistance teaching your dog how to properly walk on a leash, or you need help correcting your pup’s destructive separation anxiety while you’re away from home, we can help!

Puppy & Group Dog Training

Many new dog owners find themselves at a loss when it comes to training their puppy, especially if they’ve never had a dog before. At Jacksonville Dog Wizard, we’re proud to offer puppy preschool so your pup can learn appropriate canine behaviors at an early age. Unwanted habits such as chewing, digging and improper urination can be extremely stressful to correct if you don’t know the proper training techniques. From socialization to aggression rehab, our Jacksonville dog trainers will work with you and your pooch one-on-one so you can learn to become a confident and skilled dog owner once our training classes have subsided. Contact us today for your free evaluation, lifetime follow-up, and money back guarantee!

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